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A Whisper of Cardamom : 80 Sweetly Spiced Recipes to Fall In Love With 


by Eleanor Ford


Spice is often the party girl: the loud, bold, exuberant element in the mix. When married with sugar, spice can provide a delicate fragrance that gives backbone to a dish and deepens its allure. Just as a generous swirl of woody-sweet cinnamon elevates a simple bun, a fiery gingerbread is a wonder in the mouth, nutmeg cuts through the sweet creaminess of custard to make a more rounded tart, and a whisper of cardamom makes poached plums jaunty and interesting.

As international spice expert Eleanor Ford shows in A Whisper of Cardamom, flavors can be enhanced by a thoughtful addition from the spice drawer—added not in shouts, but in whispers. With her signature blend of curiosity and exploration, Eleanor returns with another brilliant study of spice that will help you infuse elegance and complexity into sweet treats. Divided into flavor profiles like bright and zippy, floral and fragrant, and dark and spicy, A Whisper of Cardamom is a cookbook designed to inspire creativity and experimentation. In addition to eighty recipes for sweets such as saffron macaroons, roast strawberry soufflés, and violet cream chocolate pots, spice swaps will help you customize dishes and discover worlds of flavors, and exquisite, inspiring photos are throughout.

A Whisper of Cardamom



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