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Make More With Less : Foolproof Recipes to Make Your Food Go Further 

Kitty Coles


Make your weekly shop go further – take core ingredients and transform them into flavour-packed, simple dishes. Make More With Less shares ways to eke your food out, with adaptable dishes that make your kitchen work for you. 

Each chapter features a core recipe, with clever ways to level-up any leftovers, alongside a handful of other exciting recipes to try... Whip up eggs to make Aioli for a Warm Caesar Salad, or turn a few tins of beans that have been languishing at the back of the cupboard into a Comforting Bean Pasta. Transform those humble onions you have lying about into the most delicious 15-minute Oniony Parmesan and Black Pepper Pasta. Blitz together leftover sad-looking herbs into a vibrant Green Sauce to spread thickly over toast, stir into soups or make a Green Tart with. Roast a Chicken with Kitty's expert advice and make Leftover Chicken Tacos or Spinach and Yogurt Chicken. Mix leftover fruit into her uber-versatile Any Cake Cake or Sweet Sour Salty Cubed Salad.  

Flick through this book, raid your fridge and cupboards and you may realise you already have everything you need to make these low-waste, low-fuss, low-effort and versatile recipes that you will return to again and again.

Make More With Less



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