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What to Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking  - Release Date - August 13, 2024

Caroline Chambers


Inspired by Caro’s wildly popular Substack newsletter of the same name, What to Cook When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking is brimming with efficient recipes that take the guesswork out of dinner—in fact, each one is a complete meal: protein, veg, starch, done! The recipes are organized by the amount of time they take to cook, so whether you have 15 minutes to throw together Peanutty Pork and Brussels or a little bit longer to simmer Turkey Bolognese with Sneaky Veggies, dinnertime is totally doable. On top of that, Caro gives you more ways to choose, so you can search by protein (Chicken thighs waiting in the fridge? Make White Chicken Chili. Nothing but beans in the pantry? Cannellini Caprese with Burrata is it!) or mood (Tomato Farrotto is perfect for a cozy craving, and Crunchy Honey Harissa Fish Tacos are an excellent way to show off). Most importantly, these recipes include Caro’s famously extensive swaps, riffs, tips, shortcuts, and more to be sure they work best for you, helping you save money, improvise, and even learn a thing or two. They don’t compromise quality or flavor—and they deliver every time. With as few ingredients, steps, and, of course, dirty dishes as possible, dinner awaits!

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August 13, 2024


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