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The Kitchen Prescription: Revolutionize your gut health with 101 simple, nutritious and delicious recipes 

by Saliha Mahmood Ahmed


Eating well doesn't need to be dull food and deprivation - it should be eating a wonderfully varied, vibrant and exciting range of foods. In The Kitchen Prescription, gastroenterologist Dr Saliha Mahmood Ahmed draws on her love of good food and her expertise in gut health to create 101 recipes that are easy to make, incredibly delicious to eat and will effortlessly keep your gut and digestion in tip-top condition.

These are family-friendly dishes made for food lovers that are cost effective, diverse and backed by credible scientific advice. Gut-friendly breakfasts, immune-boosting lunches, quick family suppers and a host of simple, mostly plant-based dishes make up this colorful collection of recipes.

Sunshine Labneh and Tomatoes on Toast / Baked Cauliflower with Limey Pickle and Coconut Yoghurt / Crispy Fennel, Carrot and Halloumi Rosti / Charred Sweetcorn and Sweet Potato with Curry Leaf Salsa Verde / Crispy Turmeric Butter Gnocchi / Brussels sprout and Coconut Pawa with Fiery Green Chutney / Rose and Saffron Labneh Cheesecake

The more diversely we eat, the lower our risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, and the more enhanced our immunity. This is a book you'll be reaching for time and again, because these recipes are a joy to eat and fuss free, and you can feel happy in the knowledge you'll be helping your body to stay healthy too.

The Kitchen Prescription



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