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The Sacred Cookbook: Forgotten Healing Recipes of the Ancients


by Nick Polizzi, Michelle Polizzi


Satisfy your tastebuds, appetite, and soul with this inspiring collection of easy-to-make, flavorful recipes. Nick Polizzi grew up in a restaurant and has spent much of his life traveling the world, studying traditional healing foods from Northern Africa all the way to remote regions of the Amazon rainforest. In their home kitchen, Nick and his wife, Michelle, have translated this hard-earned culinary wisdom into everyday meals meant for sharing.

Every recipe meets three fundamental criteria: 1) it has ingredients that can be traced back at least 500 years, 2) it has well-documented health benefits, and 3) it's absolutely delicious. Accessible and easy-to-follow, this cookbook focuses on:

  • Soups and stews
  • Medicinal spices and sauces
  • Fermented superfoods
  • Dried and cured snacks
  • Nutrient-dense proteins
  • Savory mushroom dishes
  • Greens, petals, and grasses
  • Forgotten ancient grains
  • Enzyme-rich breads
  • Healing elixirs and spirits
  • Teas and tonics

Appealing to a broad palate, this full-color cookbook provides tips and substitutions for adjusting to different needs, including gluten-free and vegan diets.

The Sacred Cookbook



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