The Wine Bible 

by Karen MacNeil


No one can describe a wine like Karen MacNeil.
Comprehensive, entertaining, authoritative, and endlessly interesting, The Wine Bible is a lively course from an expert teacher, grounding the reader deeply in the fundamentals—vine-yards and varietals, climate and terroir, the nine attributes of a wine’s greatness—while layering on tips, informative asides, anecdotes, definitions, photographs, maps, labels, and recommended bottles.


Discover how to taste with focus and build a wine-tasting memory. The reason behind Champagne’s bubbles. Italy, the place the ancient Greeks called the land of wine. An oak barrel’s effect on flavor. Sherry, the world’s most misunderstood and underappreciated wine. How to match wine with food—and mood.


Plus everything else you need to know to buy, store, serve, and enjoy the world’s most captivating beverage.


Publisher: Workman Publishing Company; Second Edition, Revised

Publication Date: October 13, 2015

Format: Paperback

Pages: 1008

Dimensions: 5.9 x 9in

ISBN: 9780761180838

The Wine Bible

SKU: 9780761180838