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Wafu Cooking: Everyday Recipes with Japanese Style: A Cookbook - November 12, 2024


by Sonoko Sakai


In this dazzling and wholly original cookbook, culinary authority Sonoko Sakai redefines what Japanese cooking can be. Wafu (literally “Japanese style”) food is fusion at its best, combining flavors, ingredients, and techniques from around the globe with a distinctly Japanese personality.

Wafu Cooking is a collection of recipes that captures the cultural exchange between Japan and the rest of the world in dishes that have come to Japan from abroad and been “wafu-ed” to suit local tastes, and in Japanese dishes that are reimagined through an American lens. From Dashi Cheese Grits with Honey Miso Butter, Collard Greens and Cabbage Miso Soup with Crispy Bacon, and Fish and Lotus Chips, to Caesar Salad with Aonori Croutons and Bonito Flakes, Shio Koji Marinated Roast Chicken, and Miso Apple Pie, these are recipes that reflect—and celebrate—the multinational, interconnected way in which we all eat today. Sakai also introduces the essential building blocks of Japanese cuisine—dashi, miso, and soy sauce—that can be used to give any dish a wafu twist.

A book that reflects as much the author’s own journey—a life spent in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, and elsewhere—as it does the foods of Japan, Wafu Cooking is an utterly unique, thoroughly modern cookbook.

Wafu Cooking



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