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Whetstone Magazine


“Lovingly produced on thick paper stock with gorgeous photos, the issue offers a series of vignettes from around the globe featuring people using food to make meaning in a world torn by colonialism and racism.”



Founded in 2017, Whetstone Magazine is an independently published print and digital publication about global food origins, culture, and culinary anthropology.


Volume 09

Volume 9 explores Indigenous cultures and the effects of shifting borders and colonizers. These ideas spread from the Sami hunters and fishers of Finnmark to the Indisch people and cuisine in Indonesia and the Netherlands. We also look at curry powder’s journey around the world and ancient olive orchards in Turkey.


Volume 08

This issue will delve into: the bittersweet history of Mexican chocolate, how chopsticks have impacted civilization, the process of making a Palestinian dessert called knafeh and more.Slowly simmered Galician roxóns, the cultural and sociopolitical history of chopsticks, and Nereya Otieno’s exploration of the tenderly provocative question, “If you had to pick one song or dish to represent Black America, what would it be?”

Whetstone Magazine


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