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online shop

Shop our cookbooks, food memoirs, and independent magazines. Free shipping is available on orders over $100. 

Please note there are LOTS of books in the store that you won't find online. You'll also find vintage kitchenwares, new linens, cards and gifts in our Portland store. 

classes and events

Our cookbook workshops are the best way to get acquainted with a new cookbook. We pick our favorite books and invite you in to get a taste of what that book has to offer. 

We also host Secret Bar take overs, author events, and private parties. 

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secret bar 

The Secret Bar is a natural wine bar inside our bookstore. Opens at 12 daily. No menu, just good seasonal slow food. Something sweet, something savory. Come without expectations and delight in a magical experience. 

kitchenware and book 

We want your gently used kitchenwares, small appliances and cookbooks. We offer 50% store credit or 40% in cash. We reserve the right to price items and mark them down to sell. 


our mission

Our Mission is to build community around food sovereignty. The better you know how to use the food in your garden, at the market, or in your pantry, the closer you are to being able to feed yourself and your family.


 We use cookbooks to become better cooks and to better utilize the food resources that surround us.  

4128 NE Sandy Blvd Portland,OR - 503.384.2473 -

Thursday-Monday 11am-6pm - Secret Bar at Noon 



Vivienne is Portland's independent, woman-owned cookbook store. We also carry kitchenwares,linens, + natural wine.


We host a wine bar daily, book and kitchenware consignment, cookbook classes, private parties, and more.

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