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Mochi, Cakes and Bakes: Simple Yet Exquisite Desserts with Ube, Yuzu, Matcha and More

by Catherine Zhang 

These 60 tasty and accessible desserts from baking prodigy Catherine Zhang showcase flavors that will have you rethink what you know about cakes, cookies, tarts and more. Inspired by Catherine’s Chinese heritage as well as her cosmopolitan influences, these simple yet delectable recipes fuse vibrant flavors like ube, lychee, hojicha and miso with beloved bakes like macarons, tiramisu and palmiers. These beginner-friendly delights from China, South Korea, Thailand and more include:

• Mochi Donuts
• Japanese Strawberry Shortcake
• Tahini “Nutter Butters”
• Vietnamese Coffee Tres Leches
• Chocolate Matcha Viennese Swirls
• Cookies and Cream Snow Skin Mooncakes
• Tangzhong Cinnamon Rolls
• Raspberry Yuzu Cream Puffs
• Brown Sugar Boba Popsicles
• Baked Ube Cheesecake

Whether you’re new to baking or are looking for unique and exciting ways to add a little sweetness to your day, this collection will have you making delicious desserts over and over again.

Mochi , Cakes and Bakes


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