Upcoming Events

  • Ripe Figs Book Workshop
    Sun, Aug 14
    Nothing epitomizes summer like the blue and white tiles and the cuisine of the Eastern Mediterranean. Join me for a journey into Ripe Figs, Recipes and stories from Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. We'll make a meal from recipes in the book and taste what it has to offer.
  • Way of the Cocktail Book Workshop
    Fri, Sep 23
    This gorgeous book is all about the art of Japanese cocktail making and local bartender Freedom Lennon will be leading the class. She'll teach you how to make a couple drinks, we'll taste, and you'll go home ready to for your next cocktail adventure.
  • Vegan at Home Book Workshop
    Sun, Oct 02
    We love this book on using whole foods to create delicious plant based staples and meals. We'll make a meal based on recipes from the book and finish with the vegan Tiramisu. Come taste what this book has in store for you and go home ready to cook!

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Vivienne is Portland's independent, woman-owned cookbook store. We also carry vintage kitchenwares,

new linens, + natural wine.


We host a wine bar daily, book and kitchenware consignment, cookbook classes, private parties, and more.