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Mooncakes and Milk Bread
by Kristina Cho

Discover all-new recipes, traditional recipes reinterpreted for modern bakers, and an insider's look at a few legendary Chinese bakeries.

This is the first book to exclusively focus on Chinese bakeries and cafes, but it isn't just for those nostalgic of Chinese bakeshops––it's for all bakers looking to upgrade to their skills, blend classic and modern cooking techniques, and expand their collection of sweet and savory recipes.

Kristina teaches you to whip up these delicacies like a pro:
- Knead dough without a stand mixer
- Avoid collapsed steamed buns
- Infuse creams and custards with aromatic tea flavors
- Mix the most workable dumpling dough
- Pleat dumplings like an Asian grandma


Mooncakes and Milk Bread

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