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The Blue Zones American Kitchen: 100 Recipes to Live to 100
by Dan Buettner


In Dan Buettner’s Netflix documentary Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones, viewers discovered the blue zones—the five places around the world where people consistently live to 100, and the keys to their longevity.

Creating a Blue Zone here at home is easier than ever, thanks to the vegetarian recipes in this inspiring book. Buettner’s tour of the regions and cultures that have shaped America’s healthiest food landscapes shows the wisdom of heritage cooks found right in our backyard.

A sampling of recipes from America’s Blue Zones communities:
• Indigenous, Native, and Early American: Aina Momona Stew with Taro, Breadfruit, and Sweet Potato
• African American: Hoppin’ John with Carolina Gold Rice and Sapelo Red Peas
• Latin American: Mama’s Zucchini Pupusas
• Asian American: Uttapam (Savory Lentil Pancakes)
• Regional and Contemporary American: Kimchi Jjigae (Korean Kimchi Stew)

Fully illustrated with hundreds of photos and packed with wisdom from more than 50 food experts, chefs, and cooks around the country, The Blue Zones American Kitchen will change your diet—and your life.

The Blue Zones American Kitchen



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