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Toothache is a small self-published magazine featuring the closest and most personal look into award-winning chefs. Our goal is to give ourselves a little bit of the media power back and produce a food magazine that we actually want to read. A magazine made entirely by chefs; Toothache is a collaborative project where each person is free to share whatever they'd like. Each issue has a vast array of in-depth interviews, conversations, full-page photographs, and recipes geared for the professional kitchen. Although Toothache is for cooks and chefs, it's also great for the food lover who's interested in learning about some of the world's most celebrated chefs.  


Issue 8:

Toothache issue eight takes us across the USA in the middle of a pandemic, where we spoke to a wide range of chefs and pastry chefs (albeit behind masks). A magazine made entirely by chefs; this issue continues our mission to offer the most personal looks into each award-winning chef's craft and thoughts. With a mix of in-depth interviews, conversations, full-page photographs, and recipes geared for the professional kitchen, Toothache has something to offer to not only cooks but food lovers as well. 


This issue includes:
Nelson German - alaMar • Johnny Spero - Reverie • Keith Corbin - Alta Adams • Armani Johnson - ABC Pony • Nick Bognar - Indo • Geoff Davis - True Laurel • Evan & Sarah Rich - Rich Table • Jill Bartolome - Sightglass  • Roy Shvartzapel - From Roy • Jaynelle St. Jean - Pietisserie • Francisco Migoya - Modernist Cuisine


Issue 09:

After taking the summer off, we're back with issue 9 of Toothache Magazine. Many of the conversations focused on how each chef has been handling the past two years of the pandemic, the changes they've made to their lives and restaurants, and what they want to see moving forward with our industry. Many of us in restaurants have left to pursue other passions or for better working conditions. Many others are still fighting for restaurants to become more equitable and fair. These are just some of the topics discussed in this issue of Toothache - and as always, it's filled with beautiful full-page food photos and packed with recipes. Whether or not you live and breathe the kitchen life, Toothache issue nine is a great read.


This issue includes:
Daisy Ryan - Bells • Jeremy Fox - Birdie G's • Brandon Gray - Brandoni Pepperoni • Fermin Nunez - Suerte • David Yoshimura - Nisei • Gregory Gourdet - Kann • Claudette Zepeda - VAGA• Derrick Flynn - Suerte  • Ariana Quant - Hai Hospitality • Angela Pinkerton - Pie Society• Nick Muncy - Toothache & Drool

Toothache Magazine



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