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Wine Club: A Monthly Guide to Swirling, Sipping, and Pairing with Friends


by Maureen Petrosky


Learning about wine should be fun and is easy to do, if you have a few key things: wine (of course), an opener, a few friends, and this book. That's your Wine Club! Each month, discover the key elements of a specific style of wine or varietal, from Cabernet Sauvignon in January to bubbly in December, including taste-testing tips, history, and tasty throw-together or make-ahead bites that pair beautifully with whatever you're pouring. So, uncork (or twist the top off of) a bottle, pour yourself a glass, and join the best club of all: Wine Club! 

A FUN GIFT FOR WINE LOVERS: The love for wine is eternal, and everyone is always hungry for knowledge. Though the pages may be sprinkled with some technical terms, the focus of this handy book is primarily the club: entertaining your guests and enjoying good wine, food, and friends.

GREAT FOR FOODIES, TOO: This book is perfect for both wine newbies and seasoned wine enthusiasts who are looking for easy ideas for polished get-togethers without much hassle. 

EXPERT AUTHOR: Maureen Petrosky knows wine! Columnist and author of previous books on wine and cocktails, she is a lifestyle expert focused on helping young professionals, moms, neighbors, and co-workers bring their social media engagement experiences to life with real-world social clubs. Fans love her accessible and fun approach to making quick and easy yet sophisticated recipes, parties, decorating, cocktails, and fabulous food and wine pairings.

Wine Club



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